I created this site for my own benefit. I like to keep notes about interesting research I have read, but I tend to lose those notes if they are on my hard drive. Keeping them on this website helps me keep track of them, plus I can search them easily and organize them with tags.

I don’t write these notes for any particular readership. If you find my notes about a particular work helpful, great. I would still encourage you to look up the actual book or article and read it yourself rather than rely on my take, of course.

Occasionally I post something critical of previous research. No published research is perfect. That includes my own. Generally, when I comment on an article’s or book’s flaws, it is not with the intent of refuting the research. Rather, it is with the intent of thinking about profitable avenues for future research.

I review whatever I happen to be reading. I mostly read AJPS, APSR, JOP, SPPQ, and Political Behavior. I don’t write about everything I read, and sometimes I go months without writing at all. I make no effort to cover all political science. Remember, I keep this site mainly for my own benefit, not to save others the trouble of reading on their own. I’m aware that others use it for that, but that’s their loss.