7 Best Activities for Retired Politicians


The vast majority of politicians don’t want to retire. That’s because they fear the inactivity that comes with retirement. Perhaps you’ve been a politician for decades. However, you shouldn’t see retirement as the “end of life” but the beginning of the next stage of the adventure.

For many retiring politicians, retirement means the pursuit of a healthy, vigorous old age. Are you a politician looking for great retirement ideas and activities? Here are the significant activities for creating a fulfilling retirement.

Take up Fishing


Becoming a professional fisherman sounds like a good job for many retiring politicians. It is an excellent way to have control over how your workday is arranged. Fishers usually gain their skills on the job. However, there are different licenses that you need to become a legal fisherman.

You can hone your fishing skills by discovering local fisheries or joining a local fishing club. Ask your nearest chamber of commerce if there is a fishing club in your locality. Try to fish in different types of waters and environments.

Write a Book

Many politicians dream about publishing a book after they’ve left the political scene. Maybe you want to tell your political life story, or maybe you want to expose a political scandal. You can write even if you have no money, no fame, and no glory.

It’s also much easier to sell a book when you have a political audience and reputation. Start with setting realistic goals. You can take a writing correspondence course or check out similar books at the library.

Learn Welding

Welding can be the ideal retirement hobby for politicians, even though welding is primarily used for commercial purposes. Picture yourself repairing those stairs, gates, and garages. This could even turn into a lucrative side business if your work is good enough.

There are so many things you can create or repair with welding. However, the most important thing you need is a welding kit.

The ideal welding kit for newbie welders should include a plasma cutter. Start with reviewing the top plasma cutters for each type of user.


Retirement is the ideal period of life for travel adventures that weren’t possible during your working years. Even politicians of modest means can travel the world in retirement. The average retiree spends $11,077 a year on travel.

Dust off your hands and pack your bags.

You may have a few favorite destinations that you want to visit. It may be that dream cruise, hiking the Inca trail, or tasting wine in Italy. You can take advantage of the increased available time and flexibility to stay away longer.


Retirement is no longer about the hammock or unending hours of golf. That’s why many retirees take up volunteering to make a difference in the community.

Volunteering makes you feel like you are accomplishing something and may lower the risk of dementia and other health problems. For instance, retirees who volunteer have lower rates of depression as well as lower blood pressure.

There are many opportunities to volunteer and add to the community. Local animal shelters and humane societies are always in need of volunteers. You can offer knowledge and other information, personal skill, or physical labor.


Some of the changes of aging can start as early as the third decade of life. But no matter your age, it’s never too late to get fit. It’s critical for retirees to develop physical activity plans. Seniors who remain physically active may live longer and have a greater sense of confidence and wellbeing.

The key is to get yourself into an exercise routine. Find a physical activity that you want to do and set a goal for yourself.  Health experts recommend exercising for two hours at moderate intensity a week for retirees.

Mentor Upcoming Political Leaders



It’s easy to forget that knowledge also comes with experience. You can use your experience to leave a legacy and significantly improve a young politician’s career. So why not consider becoming a mentor?

Serving as a mentor brings many challenges and rewards. You can help young politicians improve their self-esteem and feel they are making a difference. Alternatively, you can assist political parties in developing and implementing formal mentoring programs.

Enjoy Your Retirement

It’s important to stay active after you retire. If you don’t find fun activities to do when you retire, you will feel unprepared, lost, useless, and depressed. It’s time to start dreaming bigger.

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